This content piece has been generated out of a partnership between DataSeries and The Innovator. Jennifer Schenker, Editor-in-Chief at ‘The Innovator’ has moderated a roundtable (view video here) and wrote the content piece as a summary below.

FinnAir, an airline that dominates domestic and international air traffic in Finland, thought it could use AI to manage airport congestion.

AI alone was not up to the job so Finland’s largest airline instead implemented a hybrid system that uses AI to make predictions about air traffic and allows the humans-in-the-loop to make better decisions, explains Tero Ojanpera, CEO of,

Operational resilience, the ability of organizations to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, was an overarching concern of financial services companies before the global health crisis. Now that concern is arguably an obsession and business as usual is no more.

There is no dearth of information about what organizations must do to be ready for unexpected events, partly because of other recent crises, such as the one in 2008 that crippled global financial markets.

Among the standard advice is to know what key services an organization needs and provides, and to be prepared to continue those under any circumstances. Firms…

We have mapped over 120 companies; new and old, large and small, according to their subsegment and the precise type of automation they provide. Find an intro & explanation to the map below.

Automation Software landscape created by OpenOcean VC

The process automation space (RPA, Robotic Process Automation) continued to grow strongly in 2020, despite — or perhaps thanks to — the global shift to working from home. Software companies automating business processes raised over $1.9 billion in 2020; the broader automation software space raised over $11 billion, according to PitchBook data.

Fittingly for 2020, the most funding for a single company went to Olive, an AI-driven…

Source of picture

Thimble, a U.S. startup, offers flexible and short-term business
insurance to SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs. And business
couldn’t be better. “Demand has skyrocketed during the
pandemic,” says Thimble CEO Jay Bregman.

Employers in the U.S. have shed millions of permanent, full- time jobs and an increasing number of these laid-off workers are starting their own companies. They need insurance but due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic prefer not to take out the annual policies offered by traditional insurers. Thimble provides liability coverage for customers in more than 130 professions, including handymen, landscapers, cleaning people, and dog walkers. Policies can…

One of Benevolent AI’s Knowledge Graphs

In late November the U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved Benevolent AI’s recommended arthritis drug Baricitnib as a COVID-19 treatment, just nine-months after the hypothesis was developed. The correlation between the properties of this existing Eli Lilly drug and a potential treatment for seriously ill COVID-19 patients, was made with the help of knowledge graphs, which represent data in context, in a manner that humans and machines can readily understand.

Knowledge graphs apply semantics to give context and relationships to data, providing a framework for data integration, unification, analytics and sharing. Think of them as a flexible means of discovering facts…

Everything was small data before we had big data.

Small data refers to data that humans can observe and process personally. Information about any individual in a crowd is small data. The same information, collected for all of the people in a crowd is big data.

Everything was small data before we had big data. The scientific discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries were all made using small data. Darwin used small data. Physicists made all calculations by hand, thus exclusively using small data. And yet, they discovered the most beautiful and most fundamental laws of nature. Moreover, they…

Companies that have been looking to implement automation tools prior to COVID-19 are still doing it partially due to the return of investment being quite quick in the space. For a category leader such as UiPath, 2020/Q1 has seen no change. Q2 is expected to be relatively flat due to the high level of uncertainty. Q3 & Q4 have an optimistic outlook (e.g. — BluePrism just raised $124m enhancing the RPA market’s continued strength in the face of an economic downturn).

Clients that have already implemented RPA/Automation solutions and are scaling this throughout their enterprise are doubling down on extending…

New solutions in banking and how data is enabling new practices

In March we’ve hosted another FinTech roundtable (see summary of first FinTech roundtable here). This time, over dinner and in Stockholm. Both AWS and Stripe sponsored the event. See below some of the topics covered and insights gathered:

1. How to use data in financial services

2. Regulations & compliance and how RegTech opportunities will arise

3. Shifting value chains in banking thanks to OpenBanking + PSD2 and the big question is where most of the value will be captured in the future + what will the role of incumbent institutions become

4. Landmark FinTech events and developments from the…

Behind the Scenes

In February OpenOcean, a deep tech venture capital fund hosted a FinTech breakfast roundtable at the Modern Pantry in London. Special shoutout to the stakeholders representing promising FinTech startups and leading corporates (see list of companies present at the end of the post). We have decided to give our DataSeries audience the opportunity to look behind the scenes of how an Investment Thesis-driven Venture Fund is validating certain trends within a chosen vertical.

Niklas, our COO at OpenOcean has moderated the session which touched upon shifting value chains in banking, challenges in RegTech, the possible change of golden banking standards…

PurchaseLoop Research Insight Study March 2020

By Ryoji Iwata via Unsplash


While the events of COVID-19 have been transforming the world, LoopMe has been staying on top of consumer sentiment. By using our proprietary PurchaseLoop Research platform, LoopMe (one of our portfolio companies) surveyed 8,000 people within the LoopMe audience pool across 8 global markets for the week ending March 27, 2020.

We then analyzed that global sentiment data against our DMP across 320 dimensions of data produce — insights that are shaping our new ecosystem.

In this report, you’ll find the key findings from those cross-sections to help you understand consumer sentiment today within an ever-changing landscape.

The four areas…


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